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Online IoT Bootcamp
18th and 19th August 2018
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Classroom IoT Bootcamp
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Free IoT Bootcamp
03th March 2018


Aayush Rastogi
IT Analyst, Tata Consultancy Services | Information Technology and Services

Would like to take this opportunity to thank the team for providing an amazing learning experience . This has really helped me understand the IOT concepts with hands-on experience on MediaTek LinkIt Board . Being a novice , I really had some basic questions which were patiently answered by the faculty members. Would definitely suggest this bootcamp to anyone planning to start on IOT. the best thing is good quality semiconductors are provided to try on different practicals. Also , good insights were provided on data visualization and big data.

Jagannath Das
Senior Technical Specialist, HCL Technologies | Information Technology and Services

A wonderful insightful session spanning over two days.. highly recommended for those who have some high level knowledge and want to have an overall understanding of how things are integrated end to end and function as a whole. Even beginners can benefit but a bit of a prior software experience can help as the course tries to cover a broad range of topics within a short time. The trainers (Ciby, Naren and Saravanan) did a wonderful job in explaining and demonstrating how various IOT solutions work and how to design and come up with an IOT based solution for real world problems. Thanks Vmoksha for organizing this !!

Anannthhakumar G
Technical Lead, Aditi Technologies | Computer Software

The workshop had a good mixture of theoretical and practical sessions. Overall, the workshop was very informative and interesting.

Maruthu Pandiyan
IS Specialist, Caterpillar Logistics Services, Inc. | Computer Software

Bootcamp well structured with a balanced information on different aspects of IoT

Sudheer Dhurjati
Senior Manager, VMware | Information Technology and Services

It was 2 day event. One of the most useful trainings that I have attended in the recent past. The IoT training was well-structured with a very a good amount of hands-on experience with real devices and software. A weekend well-spent. The trainer has provided us a LinkIT One kit with lot of sensors, we compiled our Arduino sketchbooks and deployed them to the devices. Other topics that were covered are - IoT Security, Analytics that are relavant in the IoT worldWell done!.

Abid Ahmed Salem
CSI- Centre of Excellence, Ericsson Gl | Telecommunications

Bootcamp was good, very useful to learn IoT aspects.

Sundaresan Swaminathan
System Architect, NXP Semiconductors | Wireless

The 2 day IoT bootcamp organized by Vmoksha technologies achieves what it promises. It covered end to end overview of the IoT architecture. Sensors, Actuators, Communication protocols, IoT gateway fundamentals, Cloud architecture for IoT such as AWS IoT, Dynamo DB and Visualization tools such as Tableau were covered. The topics were interesting as hands on demonstration of the topics were done. LinkIt open source hw platform was used for IoT nodes & gateways. Good understanding of usecases, sensor uses, arduino exposure and AWS IoT. This is very good for beginners to understand end-to end IoT. Also, Ciby and Team were very helpful and clarified lot of topics in IoT

Yogamurthy M Basappa
Senior Manager, Accenture Services | Telecommunications

Thanks Vmoksha for weekend IoT Bootcamp it’s one of the best that I have attended in the recent past! Wonderful job by Ciby & team, an excellent package with right mind-set of knowledge sharing… ! thank again for help me to refresh my basics on Arduino programming and real business cases. End-to-end waste management deployed case study in reality is one can see & experience in a just 2 days bootcamp like this... Excellent!!!

Vishwanath Hariharan
Solution Architect, Ericsson| Information Technology and Services

The 2-day IoT workshop had a well thoughtful agenda that was comprehensive as well as beneficial to any one who wants to try out an end-to-end IoT solution starting from sensors, actuators, IoT device boards, gateway, protocols, cloud and data visualizations. Overall an excellent program and kudos to the training team of Vmoksha.

Santosh Ambekar
Manager, IT Developments at Nokia Networks | Information Technology and Services

We got to know about the Bootcamp over the internet! It's great and the content is full of information. One of the best thing that I have seen as an outcome of this camp is that it provides an End-To-End IoT solution exercise with relevant details on each topic. With a short span of time, it is indeed a very good Crash Course! The Training factulty Mr. Siby along with Narendra and Muzzafil are really helpful and co-operative. One of the best bootcamp for all the levels of people, including beginners to moderates.


Get hands on IoT Training

Cloud Platform

Hands –On with AWS IoT Platform. AWS IoT provides secure, bi-directional communication between Internet-connected things (such as sensors, actuators, embedded devices, or smart appliances) and the AWS cloud

Access to IoT lab

Experiment with collection of sensors and actuators in the IoT Lab

Hardware Platform

The LinkIt ONE development platform is an open source, high performance board for prototyping Wearables and IoT devices. LinkIt ONE board comes with a lot of features and its SDK is quite comprehensive

Glance at IoT real life projects

Over the past 2 years vmoksha has done couple of IoT project. A walk through of these project

Outline Free HTML5 Responsive Bootstrap Template

Media Tek LinkIt One

Outline Free HTML5 Responsive Bootstrap Template


Boot Camp Highlights

2 days Boot Camp

Two days 15 hours of theory and hands-on

Limited Seats

Only 12 seats available

Excellent exposure to IoT H/W and S/W platform

Industry standard hardware and Software Platform used for Hands-on

Build your own end to end IoT application

At the end of Boot camp participants will be able to build an End to End IoT application

Each theory session followed by hands-on

Each Theory session is followed by Hands-on session to understand the concepts

Lead by industry experts

Lead by IoT team of Vmoksha with 2 years of experience In IoT and IIoT field

Covers the IoT Ecosystem

Focusing on the core concepts from basics to advanced level

Industry Relevant use cases

Use cases discussed for understanding IoT in real life


Internet of Things
The internet of things (IoT) is the network of physical devices, buildings, vehicles, and other things that are embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity. IoT enables these objects to collect and exchange data, process, analyze, visualize data and get actionable insights to add value to the business by taking better decisions, do predictive and prescriptive analytics to improve the quality of Things, Processes, and People.

Why is IoT in Demand?
The Internet of Things (IoT) has become one of the most revolutionary topics in the Technology industry. It is a reality of today and the future. IoT plays a significant role in the future; ‘Cisco IBSG’ estimates that by the year 2020, there will be 50 billion connected devices. ‘Vision Mobile’ estimates that by the year 2020, 4-5 million IoT professionals will have job opportunities.

Why Vmoksha IoT Bootcamp?
Vmoksha's IoT team have 2 years of experience in delivering IoT projects in various domains including Hospitality, Women Safety, Manufacturing, and Enterprises. We use Industry standard IoT & Wearable Prototype Hardware Platform ‘LinkIt One’ and Software Platform AWS IoT for all Hands-on sessions, which gives confidence to the participants while taking up IoT projects in real-time.

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Vmoksha IoT Bootcamp for VIT University Professors and Lecturers

Vmoksha organized a 2-day Hands-on IoT Bootcamp for University Professors and Lecturers at Vellore Institute of Technology, Tamil Nadu

About VIT

VIT University was founded in 1984 with the aim of providing quality higher education on par with international standards. It currently offers 62 degree programs to over 29,000 students in its 2 campuses at Vellore and Chennai. They are among the Top Universities in the country with the quality of their Teaching, Learning, and Research.

Why VIT chosen Vmoksha?

Dr. Rajashekara Babu, the Program Manager of SCOPE (School of Computing Science and Engineering), VIT has attended the 2-day Vmoksha IoT Bootcamp in January at our Bangalore office. He admired the splendid training program we provide with the requisite hardware and software platform during the hands-on sessions. He had also analyzed other IoT Training institutes and ascertained that Vmoksha IoT Bootcamp is the best among the top IoT training institutes with the high-grade infrastructure and lab facility. He then approached us back to provide IoT training to the other Professors and Lectures of the VIT University.

IoT Bootcamp Sessions at VIT

A group of 7 members from the Vmoksha’s IoT team has reported at VIT campus on the previous day of the bootcamp and arranged all the infra setup for the next two days. On the first day, Dr. Arun Kumar, the Dean of SCOPE, initiated the bootcamp delivering few words on IoT and the importance of the bootcamp. Dr. Rajashekara Babu shared the experience of his last visit to Vmoksha Bangalore Office.

The bootcamp is tailored to the needs of VITians, focusing on the hands-on sessions on industry standard IoT product prototype hardware board ‘LinkIt Smart’ and IoT Software platform, AWS IoT. By the end of the program, the participants implemented an End-to-End, Smart City IoT use case.

There were about 20+ attendees for the session, and many of them have shown a keen interest in knowing Vmoksha real-time projects. Even though the VIT team was quite new to IoT and hardware practice, they have actively taken part during the hands-on sessions.

Some of the major sessions include the discussion of the below topics along with hands-on

  • IoT architecture
  • Sensors and actuators
  • Connectivity technologies & communication protocols
  • Cloud, its components, and IoT
  • Design principles

Vmoksha also provided a custom-designed IoT starter kit to the participants that include all necessary components to kick start the IoT journey. They admired our IoT hardware kit and aspired to setup an IoT lab for their college students. The team was happy with the bootcamp sessions and referred us to the School of Electronics Engineering (SENSE), VIT.

We would like to express our appreciation and sincere thanks to VIT team for their strong support and hospitality during the visit.

Over 200 Participants Were Trained in IoT Bootcamp Training

We are glad to share that Vmoksha has successfully completed its 17th IoT Bootcamp. On completion of this IoT training program, we have surpassed an important milestone of having trained over 200 senior professionals from tier 1 companies in Bangalore and rest of India. This has empowered us to train more participants effectively in the future. We would like to thank every participant for their enormous support.

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